Surveys and the CATI system

Rako is currently in the process of setting up a customised Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system, which will be used for primary data collection and surveys.


We are adopting such research methodology to improve and simplify telephone-interviewing process as it includes software that automatically supports and leads the interviewer during data collection. Questions are displayed on the computer followed by possible answers that respondents may give.


It has clear advantages for our intended research projects and surveys including:

  • High quality of collected data: one avoids any interviewer misinterpretation or incorrect question administering;
  • Time reduction: call-back is automatically managed by the system. The interviewer can also directly insert the data with no use of paper (with all its issues);
  • Better accuracy: being a questionnaire displayed on a computer and completely automated, there‚Äôs no room for mistakes or unclear compiling;
  • Complete control on interviews progress: a recap allows to check, in real time, how many interviews are completed and how many are incomplete or dropped.
  • Cost reduction on common research practicalities: everything happens under one roof. This means that high costs normally associated with transport and travel, per diems, accommodation etc. are drastically reduced leaving room to fund other more important areas or simply just make savings on the project.


CATI management will in part rely on the in-house IT knowledge from our partners, as this will help us produce and deliver research outcomes that are inline with what our partners want.