At Rako Research and Communication Centre we strongly believe that search for knowledge and creating the right environment for critical thinking are important elements for any given society. Hence, fostering intellectual capacity is not just a goal for Rako it is what shapes our existence. We are devoted to link research to action through effective communication. Relating theory to practice while mixing empirical research to action-oriented activities becomes vital to foster a more effective and pragmatic societal change. Rako addresses a narrative that has become a common place across the Somali regions whereby research is generally confined to mainly reports, seminars and so now and then journal articles. At Rako we believe significant social change is more likely to be achieved by relating it to activities that foster positive change.

The main objective of Rako is to focus on and study the local problems across the Horn of Africa including:

  • Governance
  • Health
  • Education
  • Media and Internet
  • Migration
  • Political participation
  • Investment and trade
  • Environment.
Data collection techniques
Local researchers often rely on primary data as it is a great challenge to find existing data for many of their research queries. At Rako we have started to address this critical problem by ensuring that our data is managed and secured properly. Furthermore, we started a databank where we store relevant existing data to help our studies while also using this as an important base.
As it is usually the case for many of our research queries the exact proper data is almost none-existent. Therefore, researcher usually resort to primary data collection and adopt the following methods:
  • Interviews.
  • Questionnaires and Surveys.
  • Observations.
  • Focus Groups.
  • Ethnographies, Oral History, and Case Studies.
  • Documents and Records.
Conferences and seminars

Rako further undertakes organizes relevant conferences and seminars and works with local media to disseminate research results. While our work is scientific in nature it is also policy and action oriented.