Nasir Osman Ali

Nasir is an all-round experienced management professional with ample experience in marketing  research, strategy and project & people management. He has gathered over 10 years of experience in managing research programs and businesses.
Nasir began his career in the marketing research industry as a research manager for Ipsos in Amsterdam. In this position he was responsible for the design, implementation, overall management and reporting of international research projects for top-tier firms After 5 years Ipsos, Nasir continued his career at Xerox Services as Business Improvement Manager. Within the first year at Xerox, Nasir made a career switch to management, and became the manager of a Xerox business unit with over 300 employees.  In this role he was awarded as the most attractive employer of the Netherlands in 2017 in the customer care industry, by an independent research company. In addition, Nasir has been active as a social entrepreneur/investor in the Horn of Africa, where he is in the management team of different businesses. Nasir holds a MSc in Marketing from the Vrije University in Amsterdam, and a BSc in Economics from the holland University of Applied Sciences.