Mohamed M. Awale


Mohamed M. Awale is the former Director of Planning and Development at the Ministry of Trade and Investment, he is an entrepreneur turned into a public servant with an extensive experience in Somaliland foreign affairs, governance and state-building. His political career started as council member of the ruling party Kulmiye during which he served as assistant to Foreign Affairs Spokesperson of the party between 2007 and 2010. After the presidential elections in 2010, Mr. Awale held several positions including, Director of protocol department, PA and advisor to the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister. In his diplomatic services at the Ministry of Foreign affairs, he served as the focal point for Development Assistance Projects in the delivery of Nation Development Plans. Mr. Awale specialized in management, he has attained BBA in his first decree. He has recently acheived MSc in Security Sector Management at Cranfield University focusing on state-society relationships in transitioning states. He has attended different conferences in Doing business reforms, investment promotion, Entrepreneurship and Security.